Friday, July 16, 2010

Still Missing...A must read!

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul”
Chevy Stevens’ first novel landed in the book stores last weekend. I rushed right out to by my copy of “Still Missing”. And yes, I still love to hold a book, turn the pages and smell the fragrant scent that pours out of the pages in a novel. I had a preconception of what the book was about, I had read a few articles in the NYTimes and WSJ about this debut novel. Oddly enough it is the story of a Real Estate agent who is abducted during an Open House. Your heart will open and your arms will wrap around Annie Sullivan as she chronicles her abduction and months of captivity with “The Freak”.
Not since “The Lovely” Bones by Alice Sebold have I been so captivated by a story. Stevens draws you in and makes you stay. It is a chilling novel that is well worth reading. What lies beneath this fascinating story? You won’t really know until the end, but mark my words it will take your breath away long after you finish the book.
Still Missing by Chevy Stevens published by St. Marks Press –

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