Friday, February 21, 2014

A big Woof to all our furry friends and their people !

It's been a while and I need to explain why...April, 2012, we lost our Holly. She was coughing way too hard so we took her to the vet. They wanted to give her an x-ray. The results of the x-ray were fine, however, Holly never made it back t our arms...we believe they overdosed her to keep her calm...she was gone in a flash. A few days later, I wrote this and sent it along with a donation to the shelter where we found, almost two years later, I can at least talk about it...So I thought I would share her story. I would like to get back to blogging about our lovable Saints, so give me a bit of time and I will start up! Here is Holly's story...I miss her so!
April, 2012
 Almost 7 years ago, I found myself wandering along the streets. A wonderful, gentle man approached me...I was shivering, but I knew he could help me. Most call him a dog catcher, I prefer "Guardian Angel".
He took me to a place where there were many sad, lonesome dogs and cats. It was frightening, but he patted me on the head and said "girl, these nice
people will find you a new home"
So the folks at
Linden Animal Shelter, washed, fed and walked me. They called me Ophelia (meaning, to help, aid, assist). I felt some comfort ...more than I had felt in weeks. I don’t know what happened to my original people. I remember a fire, police lights flashings and sirens...I was hiding in the bushes, fell asleep and when I woke, no one was around. That is how I ended up on the streets.
I was so scared, I actually appeared to be mean. No one pays much attention to a large, mean dog...but one day, another Guardian Angel appeared at my cage. She was gentle and kind and wanted to play with me. Hesitating, I let her lead me out of my cage...slowly. She let me run in the fenced area and then she took me back. Everyday she came to play. Then one day, while we were preparing for our walk, another dog bit my face, he didn't mean to hurt me, he just wanted to be loved...I was rushed to the Vets, cared for and then my new Guardian Angel took me to her house to recuperate.
I spent the next six years with her and her family. They even change my name to Holly because they called me their best Christmas present ever!!!!
We loved, played, I got to sleep on their bed and we even traveled together (that’s where I met my Russian friends Auntie Marina, Mamma and Matilda). I used to have sleepovers with my St. Bernard BFF, Matilda. I loved them as if they were my very own family.
We even adopted another St Bernard, Wendell. He was already 11 yrs old and had cancer, but we took him home and cared for him for over a year. It was sad when we had to let him go...we all cried.
My new people loved me so much and I in turn loved them back and showered them with loyalty. I am one of the luckiest dogs, ever!

Then a few weeks go I didn’t feel well and we went to visit the Dr. While there, my heart stopped and I had to leave my was so sudden, so quick...I miss them so!
Now I am here, at the base of the
Rainbow Bridge.
My friend Wendell is here, my sister Heidi, and Auntie Marina’s Matisse, as well. We are all safe and together, patiently waiting for our people to come and get us so we can cross the Rainbow Bridge together.
I wanted to say thank you to the dog catcher/guardian angel as well as all the angels at the Linden Animal Shelter. If it were not for all of you, I might never have lived past the age of 3. It is hard for big dogs to find new homes, but you all made it happen for me! THANK YOU!!!!