Friday, February 21, 2014

A big Woof to all our furry friends and their people !

It's been a while and I need to explain why...April, 2012, we lost our Holly. She was coughing way too hard so we took her to the vet. They wanted to give her an x-ray. The results of the x-ray were fine, however, Holly never made it back t our arms...we believe they overdosed her to keep her calm...she was gone in a flash. A few days later, I wrote this and sent it along with a donation to the shelter where we found, almost two years later, I can at least talk about it...So I thought I would share her story. I would like to get back to blogging about our lovable Saints, so give me a bit of time and I will start up! Here is Holly's story...I miss her so!
April, 2012
 Almost 7 years ago, I found myself wandering along the streets. A wonderful, gentle man approached me...I was shivering, but I knew he could help me. Most call him a dog catcher, I prefer "Guardian Angel".
He took me to a place where there were many sad, lonesome dogs and cats. It was frightening, but he patted me on the head and said "girl, these nice
people will find you a new home"
So the folks at
Linden Animal Shelter, washed, fed and walked me. They called me Ophelia (meaning, to help, aid, assist). I felt some comfort ...more than I had felt in weeks. I don’t know what happened to my original people. I remember a fire, police lights flashings and sirens...I was hiding in the bushes, fell asleep and when I woke, no one was around. That is how I ended up on the streets.
I was so scared, I actually appeared to be mean. No one pays much attention to a large, mean dog...but one day, another Guardian Angel appeared at my cage. She was gentle and kind and wanted to play with me. Hesitating, I let her lead me out of my cage...slowly. She let me run in the fenced area and then she took me back. Everyday she came to play. Then one day, while we were preparing for our walk, another dog bit my face, he didn't mean to hurt me, he just wanted to be loved...I was rushed to the Vets, cared for and then my new Guardian Angel took me to her house to recuperate.
I spent the next six years with her and her family. They even change my name to Holly because they called me their best Christmas present ever!!!!
We loved, played, I got to sleep on their bed and we even traveled together (that’s where I met my Russian friends Auntie Marina, Mamma and Matilda). I used to have sleepovers with my St. Bernard BFF, Matilda. I loved them as if they were my very own family.
We even adopted another St Bernard, Wendell. He was already 11 yrs old and had cancer, but we took him home and cared for him for over a year. It was sad when we had to let him go...we all cried.
My new people loved me so much and I in turn loved them back and showered them with loyalty. I am one of the luckiest dogs, ever!

Then a few weeks go I didn’t feel well and we went to visit the Dr. While there, my heart stopped and I had to leave my was so sudden, so quick...I miss them so!
Now I am here, at the base of the
Rainbow Bridge.
My friend Wendell is here, my sister Heidi, and Auntie Marina’s Matisse, as well. We are all safe and together, patiently waiting for our people to come and get us so we can cross the Rainbow Bridge together.
I wanted to say thank you to the dog catcher/guardian angel as well as all the angels at the Linden Animal Shelter. If it were not for all of you, I might never have lived past the age of 3. It is hard for big dogs to find new homes, but you all made it happen for me! THANK YOU!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nice to see you again!

Hello everyone. It has been along time since I have been blogging...sorry to say, time just wasn't on my side. But I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, which always brings me back to writing...I miss it!
So if you will stay with me, I promise I will be back in full swing shortly!!! Here is a recent photo I took of my granddaughter's collection of seaglass from a beach in Marblehead, Ma...I see so many stories in these elegant charms from the sea! Some will come your way soon.

Friday, December 31, 2010

I look at the end of one thing, actually being the beginning of another

This is what I woke up to at 6 am this morning, the last day of 2010. It was breathtaking and in 2011, I am going to get up every morning and look at life as a fortunate, breathtaking opportunity. What a year. I lost a dear friend in March. She took her own life.  It is still too difficult to talk about - I miss her so much. I can only hope she is at peace, finally. Another dear friend lost her only son - her sadness cannot be described, my thoughts are with her and I send her waves of hope and strength everyday. 
I am going to spend today, the last day of the year watching the ocean move slowly with determination and gusto. The water is always a great place for me to re-find myself, rejuvenate and re-start....
I hope you enjoy this last day of the year and begin tomorrow with determination, gusto and lots of love surrounding you!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays to All!

"It is so much easier to love what you have, than to yearn for what you don't have." Meryl Streep - One True Thing, 1998 was just a thought

November and December are usually the happiest time of year for me. I love the energy surrounding the holidays. I cherish the smiles on the children's, and the panic on the parent's, faces!

The invention of online shopping has been my savior! There is nothing worse than being in the holiday spirit and having to trudge through the bustling crowds at the mall or walking down freezing ice edged streets trying to find a little something unique for a few exceptional people. No way, I love sitting by the fireplace, gazing out the window at the new fallen snow and catching a glimpse of the Christmas tree, while every so slowly, finding the right gifts - online. Not that I don't indulge in shopping, but when I do, I make sure I don't need to buy anything. I enjoy window shopping, walking along Madison Avenue (the new Ralph Lauren stores are comparable to a vacation destination!) or scouring the quaint shops in SOHO. ABC Carpet is one of the best destinations to preview...then stop in the restaurant and enjoy a lite lunch. Palmer Trading Company is a miniature RL (style) store offering fascinating vintage finds. If I need something to eat, The Clinton Street Bakery & Restaurant or Ed's Chowder House, located in the Empire Hotel will satify my needs. If I am in the mood to have a cocktail and sit by the fireplace, I go to Jimmy the James Hotel or One if By Land, Two if by Sea - both offer fireplaces and fine, expensive food and drinks

When the shopping is done, a good classic movie is what completes the holiday feeling. Holiday Inn (1942) with Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Virginia Hale, Christmas in Connecticut (1945) featuring Barbara Stanwyck and Sydney Greenstreet and The Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan are tops on my list. The every joyous musical, White Christmas (1954) is another that churns my memories.

Connecting with good friends is the most blissful element of the season! Oh, I know we cannot all meet for lunch or chat for hours every night on the phone or email our daily doings. But just the thought of all of my dear friends warms my heart. I have found so many colleagues on and many have found me. It is a delight to know that friends from 30 years ago still hold a spot in their hearts for me, as I do for them! Facebook is another story...too much information, if you ask me. Although, I am grateful for the people who have connected with me over the last year or so.

This year, I sent as many people Christmas cards as I had addresses. I took pleasure in the personal connection. One of my goals this year is to obtain more addresses, not email addresses, but home addresses, so that next year, I can expand my reach and touch more people who have touched me throughout my life.

The quote at the beginning of this post reached deep into my soul. For the many years we are given as the gift of life, we often spend most of our time yearning for something more. As I get older (yes, we old people reflect a lot!!!) I see what a waste of time that can be. I am not saying we should not reach or improve our lives. What I am driving at is this: If your children are driving you nuts...imagine what life would be like without them. If your husband is close to being put out on the street...think about what made you fall in love with him in the first place. If you think your mother is being too interfering, (go back to the children above), think about how they see you and imagine a life without your mom. Is the dog hair all over the place and driving you insane? Look into your dog's eyes and take in the unconditional love she gives you...who will love you that much when she is gone?

Do I still yearn to be alone? Heck yes! but I know that a small amount of alone time is all I want and what I need is the hectic, chaotic, noisy life I actually have everyday!
So next time you feel at wits end, think about loving what you have, not what you don't have.
Have a Happy New Year!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Still Missing...A must read!

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul”
Chevy Stevens’ first novel landed in the book stores last weekend. I rushed right out to by my copy of “Still Missing”. And yes, I still love to hold a book, turn the pages and smell the fragrant scent that pours out of the pages in a novel. I had a preconception of what the book was about, I had read a few articles in the NYTimes and WSJ about this debut novel. Oddly enough it is the story of a Real Estate agent who is abducted during an Open House. Your heart will open and your arms will wrap around Annie Sullivan as she chronicles her abduction and months of captivity with “The Freak”.
Not since “The Lovely” Bones by Alice Sebold have I been so captivated by a story. Stevens draws you in and makes you stay. It is a chilling novel that is well worth reading. What lies beneath this fascinating story? You won’t really know until the end, but mark my words it will take your breath away long after you finish the book.
Still Missing by Chevy Stevens published by St. Marks Press –

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment." George Eliot

A good friend of mine, Sue Checchio, gave me a copy of the book, The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Sein. The reader comes to know the story through the eyes (and narration) of the dog. He speaks to us throughout the story, he makes us laugh, he makes us cry, but more than that, he makes us believe that dogs can talk. So now when I look in Holly's eyes, or I hear her bark I wonder what really is going on in her mind and what she is really trying to say.

Marina, our friend in Marblehead and co- lover of St. Bernards (Matilda is Holly's best buddy) insists that when they spend the weekend together they gossip about all the other dogs in town. So what is one to think when one reads that some of the apartment dwellers in NYC are having their dogs
"de-barked" ! (NYTimes article, 2/3/2010 Heel. Sit. Whisper. Good Dog by Sam Dolnick).

It broke my heart to read this article and know that several Veterinary surgeons perform this procedure! Oh, they still make 'raspy squeaks' as the article continues....I was heart broken to think that people would allow themselves to do this. I know, what it is like to have a dog in an apartment. I bought my first St. Bernard when I was 19 and along with my little precious mutt, Noiseless. (Oh yes, he could bark, but he never really did unless I was threatened by something or someone.), we lived in a studio apartment (oh, the tails I can share with you!!!! Someday!). But my dogs, were trained...yes, people... training can work. OK, maybe some dogs, not, but DON"T BUY THAT BREED IF YOU ARE LIVING IN MANHATTAN!!!!). Poor Nestle, the subject of the article, he looked so violated and for sure he has been. Shame on you owners and more so, your crates, now...SIT, ROLLOVER, BEG for forgiveness from these devoted was just a thought.

...just a thought

"Shopping is better than sex. If you are not satisfied after shopping. You can exchange it for something you really like." Adrienne Gusoff

For the last year I have searched high and low for Navy sweaters...yes I am going COLOR!!!! OK, so most of my wardrobe is black, but I am trying to be creative and bring a little more color into my life...thus I am beginning with Navy Blue!
Never found anything until TODAY!!!! The New York Times' article "New Way to Flit from Store to Store" by Kathlerine Boehret featured this incredible
It is one not to be missed. You can find anything from discount stores to top of the line (of course my favorite designer, Donna Karen has the Navy sweater...but so did 5 other upscale retailers!!!! I haven't even looked at the discount stores yet. Go shopping!!!!
"If I don't stop shopping I will end up a bag lady; a Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady." Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the was just a thought